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Welcome to Uninterrupted - Personal stories about the realities of MS

MS Me Days

Firstly, I can hardly believe it’s been a year since my last blog. At the risk of making excuses for my lack of posts, it has been a busy year with full-time studies and work, along with selling and moving house, and the rest that life throws at us all! It’s been a good year...

A Brighter Future

Well It’s been a good while since I wrote anything for Uninterrupted, actually April was my last blog. Lots of reasons, lots of water under the bridge but we are all back and looking forward to blogging again, which we love.

A lot has happened in my little world since April, long story...

Little Miss Judgey Pants

Have you ever met someone and thought, I don’t know how they do it? Their story of what they have achieved with their life, or what they manage to fit within their day astounds you. How do they manage to get all that done and still remain so positive and focused? Or possibly its been...

We're back
We're back!

It is around 18 months since I wrote a short blog post and was selected to be one of the “Uninterrupted” blogging team for MS Australia for the next year. Twenty five posts later (...

Unforced error: MS and the Australian Open

Most of us have read about “the note” – and a lot of us who live with MS are all too familiar with the...

The Walking Dead

Seriously, I love my sleep. Now that I’m not getting enough, I find it an exquisite form of torture. One, I must say I would rather live without. There is nothing like the hours before dawn for contemplating one’s soul and I’ve been doing a dreadful amount of this. I have always been lucky...