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Welcome to Uninterrupted - Personal stories about the realities of MS

Unforced error: MS and the Australian Open

Most of us have read about “the note” – and a lot of us who live with MS are all too familiar with the...

The Walking Dead

Seriously, I love my sleep. Now that I’m not getting enough, I find it an exquisite form of torture. One, I must say I would rather live without. There is nothing like the hours before dawn for contemplating one’s soul and I’ve been doing a dreadful amount of this. I have always been lucky...


Imagine if people with MS communicated all their frustrations in haikus…

House needs a tidy.
Not gonna happen. Craving
downtime. Urgently.

Yesterday all good
Today I am...

I am a Mum

My son was four months old when my first obvious MS symptoms presented themselves to me for the first time. By the time I reached my diagnosis he was eighteen months old. The decision to have more children was not an easy decision though it was a decision that came quickly. Not wanting to play...

Sky writing
Positivity doesn't cure cancer


I stumbled across this link on social media last week, accompanied by the short headline (above) that seemed at first glance to say “see – I told you so! Being positive doesn’t impact...

Juggling Juveniles and Jobs
Zen and the Art of Juggling Juveniles & Jobs

Late last year, I posted about so-called occupational hazards, issues that crop up for many MS diagnosees who undertake paid (or unpaid) employment. Thank you to all who responded: it has been very illuminating to read...