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Welcome to Uninterrupted - Personal stories about the realities of MS

How MS changed my life for the better pt1

One thing about me that mannnyyy don't know.
Is.. Deep breath.. I'm in the early stages of MS. I've been so blessed to have faught for 10 years on and off against cancers that threatened my miriacle life.
Though I've kept very quiet about the findings of MS discovered about a year...

Dodging Bullets

I had my first attack when I was nine years old. The first thing I remember was finding it difficult to do up buttons. This was followed by weakness in my left arm and then problems with slurring words and my mouth dropping on the left side and problems closing my left eye. Then trouble walking...

NDIS logo
The NDIS and me #1

My first National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) “package” was approved recently. For those who like the punch line up front, so far the experience of becoming an NDIS participant has been a good one for me.  I’m right at the beginning of using this new system, but since I agonized for many...

When LGBT meets MS - Q & A with Periklis Papaloukas

I recently participated in a study exploring the experiences of people in the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender (GLBT) community living with MS. It was really great to be interviewed for this research, because it was the first time I had been asked about my experiences as a gay man living...

It's Only the Beginning

When I was initially diagnosed with MS, I read a lot of stories online that suggested my life would now virtually be over. My neurologist had told me “whatever you do, don’t go home and sift through Google results about MS”. Although I understood that this was certainly great advice...

I'm Melting

OMG! It's 10am and it's already hot. Thirty-five degrees hot!

MS and heat are not friends. In fact, they are strange bed fellows. Just a rise of 0.2 degrees to 0.5 degrees in body temperature can cause all or some of your MS symptoms to poke their little heads into your...