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What to expect

The plaintiff, Sarah, on behalf of herself and those similarly situated, alleges and complains as follows:

  1. Defendant MS has failed to provide a clear definition of itself as a valid entity.  It fails to make available clear biomarkers for diagnostic purposes and persists as a...
Star wars

It’s occurred to me, on more than one occasion that the majority the general population don’t really know much about MS or the theories about what causes it. And why would they – I certainly didn’t know myelin from your-lin in my pre-MS days. So, in order to remedy this situation, I have put...

Living with MS: Five moments I knew I am sick

Living with MS is not pleasant. But one gets used to it. It becomes a little mundane, and quite frankly, I’m bored with it.

But a few moments have cut through the boredom and stunned me. Some I found funny, others not so much. Surprisingly, all have occurred when I have been relatively...