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Hello 2016

31 December 2015


As I ponder the passing of another year, I sigh with relief. Yes, I actually did survive, I am still standing. (Heaven only knows how.) I may have lost a few of my faculties and brain cells but I remain mostly intact. I turn my thoughts to the year ahead and contemplate what might come my way.


I’m quietly hoping this year will be amazing.


I’m not really into New Years Resolutions but thinking as I do and after some serious contemplation of my navel, I’ve decided this year I want to make everyday count. I want to make a difference.


 We have 365 days.

 365 days of opportunities.

365 days of possibilities.

 365 days to make something right.

 365 days to succeed in something we didn’t get quite right the day before.

 365 days to make someone smile.

 365 days to make a difference in somebodys’ life.

 365 days to give of ourselves.

 365 days to truly be present in the moment, to actually live, not just exist.

 Every day is a gift, a new challenge, a new day to start over, a new day filled with opportunities.


I for one will be embracing the start of the new year. Here’s hoping it brings many blessings and its challenges in some way enrich my person, even if I don’t understand them at the time. Here is hoping that 2016 is a wonderful year for all of you, filled with many blessings and good health.


See you all in 2016.


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