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How MS changed my life for the better pt1

25 July 2017

One thing about me that mannnyyy don't know.
Is.. Deep breath.. I'm in the early stages of MS. I've been so blessed to have faught for 10 years on and off against cancers that threatened my miriacle life.
Though I've kept very quiet about the findings of MS discovered about a year and a half ago.
Though dealing with it everyday in every little or big way has opened my eyes to a world of others living.. That's right LIVING with MS.
You'd think it's debilitating. Life ruining. Death enhancing.. And some days it is hard.
Like today. I dropped everything. Felt lightning sting through my left side. Got confused. Fatuiged. Ect.. But I am still here. Just like all those others having to deal with it every day.
Positivity is honestly a huge key. And maybe I'm lucky Bubble is pumping stem cells through my body helping.
But some days are hard. Harder then others.
I refuse to let this take me at any other pace then slower then slow. But some days I wish I could function normal.
I'm blessed to be alive. Have the loved ones I have and live the life I lead. I'm blessed for the children (unborn included) I have. The man who I adore more then any word could express, who stands by me loving me everyday. And the air I breath every second.
I guess this post is a bit of a shout out to us all.. Fighting the daily struggles all to be blessed to be here..
No matter what we face.. We all face something.. But if we stand together we hold each other up ❤