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I'm Melting

31 January 2017

OMG! It's 10am and it's already hot. Thirty-five degrees hot!

MS and heat are not friends. In fact, they are strange bed fellows. Just a rise of 0.2 degrees to 0.5 degrees in body temperature can cause all or some of your MS symptoms to poke their little heads into your business. It's a feckin pain in the arse.


I dread the summer months. I don’t really do warm, hot or humid days well. For the last couple of weeks, we have had horrendous heat, sometimes for days with no relief. Not just hot but very hot... 43.5 degrees hot. Even ridiculously hot nights, which don’t dip below the high twenties. My body rebels and I am forced to realise that medication hasn’t yet conquered heat intolerance.


Oh, how I dread summer…. I love the blue skies and a little bit of warmth but I cannot deal with the high heat or humidity.

For the last six months or so, I have had days where I have forgotten about my MS because I’ve been functional and dare I say nearly normal. That’s not to say I don’t still get very tired and things don’t work when I’m exhausted but it’s not like I have to lie down and do absolutely nothing, which is how it was before the new medications but sad to say I’m back to sitting on the lounge and being very inactive in this heat.


I don’t go out on hot days, I hibernate, I can’t go and watch sport and sit in the sun for hours on end. Sorry Master S and Miss R, I will never be able to watch a cricket game you guys play and shout my support. I can’t even go outside at work and eat my lunch because my body is so heat intolerant.


Just a slight rise in body temperature, my body has its own plans and they are not always predictable, although usually my eyesight is the first thing to suffer. The last couple of days it has been a blurry right eye, even with my goggles on.

In the dead of winter, I can suffer from heat intolerance, simply from being too busy. My eyes seem to do their own thing. My legs don't want to bend, my hands don't do as they are told, I can't concentrate? My balance is off kilter; my gait becomes unsteady. It's awful and occasionally embarrassing. Being sick and having a slight temperature, it’s the same thing.


Enduring the heat and humidity of summer is not for the faint hearted.  Apparently 70% of us MSers are heat intolerant. Lucky we are made of stern stuff. Today is supposed to be 43 degrees and all I want to do is cry! I hate it with a passion and I'm so over it.

I need to sit or lie in the cold of my lounge room (cause that’s the only room with air conditioning).  I need cold drinks. I need to ice my arteries. I need to be very, very inactive.

Fatigue, spasticity, concentration problems, eye issues, pain, stumbling, dropping things, muscle weakness are just some of my symptoms and your always but not pleasantly surprised by which ones decide to show their faces on a hot day.


In the heat, my nerves conduct their electrical signals less efficiently than my normal, which is already rather challenged due to my treasured spinal, optical and brain lesions. It takes me much longer to recover than a normal person, one hot day can take me three to get over? I’m not really sure why?  considering that the pseudo - exacerbations heat intolerance cause are supposed to disappear once your body temperature returns to its norm, maybe it just fatigue because my body has been working overtime trying to cope with the heat? Whatever it is, it’s annoying.


Last evening I was playing board games with Miss O, every time I moved a piece on the board, I dropped it. Every time I got a hold of the die I dropped it, Miss O thought this was extremely hilarious and really it was getting to the ridiculous stage by the fiftieth time I dropped something. What can you do except laugh, although I did keep saying, it’s really not funny Miss O, it really was. So between a right blurry eye and the dropsies I was glad to finally make it to bed. Luckily enough I wasn’t at work, having to endure embarrassment for my clumsiness.



So I sit here waiting for the southerly change which is hopefully going to hit soon.  Every now and then I get up and open the back door just to check its progress. Bring it on I say and I will revel in its blustery coolness and hope tomorrow is a much more suitable temperature.








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