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A "MS"terious Menace

7 February 2016

It’s occurred to me, on more than one occasion that the majority the general population don’t really know much about MS or the theories about what causes it. And why would they – I certainly didn’t know myelin from your-lin in my pre-MS days. So, in order to remedy this situation, I have put together a few descriptions to answer the “what causes MS” question.

Firstly, here’s what good old WebMD has to say about it:

MS happens when your immune system attacks a fatty material called myelin, which wraps around your nerve fibers to protect them. Without this outer shell, your nerves become damaged. Scar tissue may form. The damage means your brain can’t send signals through your body correctly. Your nerves also don’t work as they should to help you move and feel.

That’s all very well and good, WebMD. However, this brief synopsis doesn’t quite “cut the MS-tard” when it comes to the plethora of signs and symptoms, presentations and problems. That’s where the “This Bike has MS” project does a brilliant job of providing some insight into life with MS. 

Finally, for all those Jedi Junkies out there, here (or below for a more reliable but less finessed version) are the fruits of my own creative efforts to explain the the "MS"terious Menace of MS.

So my readers, what do you think of this movie?




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Oh my god that's amazing. Highlight of my day. Love your posts and this is one of my faves :-P

Hi Martin, I'm so glad you liked it. I think you should be able to right click the video and save it to your hard-drive. But if you have problems, I can email you a copy. Message me your email address on FB.