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8 January 2016

This time last year I was still reeling from the new diagnosis. New Year’s Day came and went without a second thought to resolutions, either lofty or less ambitious. However after the proverbial dust settled, over the course of 2015, I turned my attention inwards and spent some time contemplating new goals. I kept these aims deliberately modest: stay in the present, keep challenging my brain and maintain my physical health by regular exercise and healthy eating.

Simple perhaps. But not always straightforward to put into practice, time and energy being as scarce as they sometimes are.

So as we embark upon this New Year, I’m choosing to reaffirm and redefine my personal goals. [They are not resolutions per se as I’d like to retain the right to amend and reprioritise at any point throughout the year!]

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my visual representations of my “reaffirmations”. 


Challenge my brain

Maintain physical health

Comments (4)

Good to see yoga is on your list, Sarah! As per my last post, I'm a relative newcomer to yoga. Have you been doing it for long? What are your thoughts on whether or not it impacts on your experience of MS so far? TUO

I really like yoga, particularly for strength and flexibility (I'm no free weights gym bunny!). It's also good for mindfulness. It's hard to quantify how it has impacted on MS - I guess it's just part of the whole healthy living gig.... But I do figure that the fitter I am, the longer it will take to lose that physical stamina (come what may).