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Today is a Good Day

12 May 2017

Today is a good day.


Today I'm turning off the television and putting on music.

First I'm going to tidy up the mess on the floor, and conquer the vacuum cleaner. It doesn't expect me. It roars to life, but I have no fear. Right now I'm in control.


Victory. The floor is clean, and I want to celebrate my success by sitting down. Just for a moment.






I am aiming for my next target. I'm looking at you, dishes.

They struggle. Hot and soapy, they threaten to slip from my hands, but I've got this.


I save the knives for last. Deep breath, firm grip. Carefully now. There's a small pile of them, because I get intimidated at the thought of handling slippery blades.


I've survived.


No kiddo, today is not the day you're going to need to call triple zero for Mummy.

You know what? I deserve to sit down now. Have a coffee. Refuel. But I'm not going to stay down. Not today.


We have to take the small victories don't we? Today I got up. Today I got dressed. Today I brushed my hair. Baby steps. One day at a time. One task at a time. One action at a time. Keep going. Keep pushing through.

Woman watching sunrise in sunflower field

You hear the stories. You know the ones, about the super humans with MS climbing mountains, or playing professional sports, or skydiving in exotic locales. Don't get me wrong, that's fantastic. And I'm sure they're an inspiration to others, as well they should be. I, unfortunately, won't be watching a sunrise from the peak of Everest anytime in the near future.


And that's ok. 


Because I, also, did something amazing. Some may say, awe inspiring. I poured a cup of coffee today without spilling any. I mean, yeah, I also catapulted my bowl of breakfast cereal off the table this morning much to the amusement of my toddler; but hey, credit where credit is due. We can't all be running marathons.

Although I feel that if someone timed how fast I can get into a bathroom, I could be a contender.


It's so easy to get bogged down with the negatives, and I often do. I have a MRI scheduled for this week, and I am NOT looking forward to playing the "Don't move a muscle" game for 45 minutes with the giant super-magnet.

However, if I stop looking inward, and take a look around me for a minute, I come to a realisation:


 In this moment, right now, my house is reasonably clean, and that's a great feeling.


I don't know what tomorrow holds. I don't know what the next 5 minutes holds. But right now, I'm good.


Laundry? I'm coming for you.

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