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We're back!

19 August 2016

It is around 18 months since I wrote a short blog post and was selected to be one of the “Uninterrupted” blogging team for MS Australia for the next year. Twenty five posts later (one of them mostly written by a friend) and the year was done. I wondered, had “the unaffected one” reached the end of their useful life?

All the regular team at “Uninterrupted” have had a break from blogging since May as we waited to hear where the project would go next.  Then an email arrived from the web / social media person at MS Australia a few weeks ago, inviting the team to continue.  For better or worse, we’ve all agreed to pull out our creative sides and start writing again. We’re baa-aack!

It will probably be a few weeks before I decide what to blog about next.  I’d value your suggestions if any of you have thoughts on what sort of posts you most enjoy reading.  Would you like to hear about our interactions with the health care system? Our hopes, struggles and fears as we move though life with MS?  Our experiences of the lifestyle choices we’ve made to be as well as possible? Our perspectives on living with particular MS symptoms? 

Please comment below if you have a view on the sorts of things you’d like to read from us and we’ll see what we can come up with.  Or leave it completely up to us……and risk hearing more about the cat who shares my life!


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