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Personal stories from our Guest Bloggers

Blank Slate
Let's be blunt, it's just the worst.
Why did I come into this room? What was I saying again? I'm sorry, have I told you this before? What were we talking about?
Ok, I need to look...
Woman watching sunrise in sunflower field
Today is a Good Day

Today is a good day.


Today I'm turning off the television and putting on music.

First I'm going to tidy up the mess on the floor, and conquer the vacuum cleaner. It doesn't expect me. It roars to life, but I...

Girl Alone
The Elephant In The Room
I am the elephant in the room.
Not because you don't love me. Because you love me so much, you don't want it to be real. And maybe if we ignore it, if we don't mention it, if we sweep it under the rug, it doesn't exist....
Sleepy Koala
What's Your Worst Symptom?
I've been thinking for days on how to answer this question. What IS my worst symptom? And I tried to remember all of my symptoms and tried to categorise them from least-awful to plain-awful, and found myself really struggling. What's the worst one? 
3 ways to tell your story

One thing about having a chronic, debilitating and diagnosed ‘incurable’ illness is having to find ways to tell the same story to people over and over.

You get asked what’s up, or down, and it’s hard to know what to say on the hop.

  • Do I tell him the truth?
  • ...
If my MS had an address, it would be Abbey Road

‘It seems like years since it’s been clear’ Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles (Abbey Road)

Some diseases will strike loud and hard, like a fist bashing on your front door. Others like mine come in ‘through the bathroom window’, where no-one’s...