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Personal stories from our Guest Bloggers

Love is a Doxie

Pansy in the Picture: Episode 12. 

First diagnosed with multiple sclerosis then three different cancers, Justine Martin had just one wish: to get better and bring a dachshund into her life.  Obviously, that's what happened and, in this episode, she talks about how she and her dog, Pansy...

Becoming 'MS Normal’

How Daniel Andrews and COVID taught me a new way of living with my disability

When Melbourne eases out of hard lockdown this month, I'm going to be walking particularly slow. It won't be because I am being diligent with newly-acquired 'COVID-Normal' behaviours.

It will be because...

Brushing life aside

4 months in following diagnoses and the emotions and coping strategies compete for attention. the initial euphoria has progressed to unfathomable gloom.Going out is not so simple as putting a coat on, anticipated anxiety creates road blocks which have just made themselves evident. I crave...

MS diagnoses

So the drunken weave has been diagosed at last, the mild confusion and poor recall too. Am I better off? I's hard to tell really.I am now in receipt of a discombobulating and disorganised rambling descent into who knows. I had diagnosed myself provisionally and felt weirdly comforted by that,...

Masters and MS


Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Earlier this year, as I looked down the barrel of a ‘yet-to-be-determined-diagnosis’, I was tormented by questions as my life was to change, quite literally, overnight. “Will this be my last Mother’s Day… am I enjoying the last days...

A Week With MS Brain Fog
An Insight Into A Week With MS Brain Fog

There is a fog inside my mind.

Recalling words takes 2 to 5 minutes. I'm normally an intelligent and quick witted woman. I speak two languages fluently, this is, what's the word, starts with an R, ridiculous. Everything is in slow motion right now.

The MS fog is descending.