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Rediscovering my MS

12 July 2015

Hi there bloggers, my name is Min and this will be my first guest blog. After recently battling and beating thyroid cancer, I found my self in a new 'old place'. By this I mean I have had to learn the differences between all of the side affects of the thyroid cancer and relive the operations and chemicals and my Multiple Sclerosis. I truly found this mind bending, I have been on tysabri now for near on four years and everything was going swimmingly. I had a routine, I had a mental form of protection from new symptoms, and then it was taken from me to have cancer treatment. So for five months I had no treatment and had felt like my MS had been on hold, I guess I did as well, but in my heart and knowing my body I knew it wasn't on hold. after three months of no treatment, two separate surgery and radiotherapy i got through. Now has come the time to refocus on my MS and back on treatment. I have had to focus now on my MS, no choice as I am no at the end of a dose of methylprednaslone to treat a bout of optic neuralgia and a whole lot of learning my MS all over again, feeling the real and to know that this is happening and it's not all in my head Was hard to do after four years of successful treatment and a large hint of normality (if that a real thing), but I am getting there and am now finding my colours all over again. Getting through cancer is never a fun thing, but in all honesty, I was more worried about my MS.

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How awesome is it to finally know that what you are feeling is a real thing, and not just something that's in your head? It's when you have that confirmation that you can begin to learn how to manage/deal with it. You're doing great, kid! I look forward to reading more of your writing. =D