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Unlike most diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis 24 hours was all it took to receive my diagnosis and, what's more, it was me that asked to be tested specifically for MS

It was November 1997 when I went off to see a neurologist. I had been booked in to see the specialist following a car...

Woman watching sunrise in sunflower field

Today is a good day.


Today I'm turning off the television and putting on music.

First I'm going to tidy up the mess on the floor, and conquer the vacuum cleaner. It doesn't expect me. It roars to life, but I have no fear. Right now I'm in control.



Sleepy Koala
I've been thinking for days on how to answer this question. What IS my worst symptom? And I tried to remember all of my symptoms and tried to categorise them from least-awful to plain-awful, and found myself really struggling. What's the worst one? 
Is it having cuts on...

When I was initially diagnosed with MS, I read a lot of stories online that suggested my life would now virtually be over. My neurologist had told me “whatever you do, don’t go home and sift through Google results about MS”. Although I understood that this was certainly great advice...


Firstly, I can hardly believe it’s been a year since my last blog. At the risk of making excuses for my lack of posts, it has been a busy year with full-time studies and work, along with selling and moving house, and the rest that life throws at us all! It’s been a good year...


Have you ever met someone and thought, I don’t know how they do it? Their story of what they have achieved with their life, or what they manage to fit within their day astounds you. How do they manage to get all that done and still remain so positive and focused? Or possibly its been...

Sky writing


I stumbled across this link on social media last week, accompanied by the short headline (above) that seemed at first glance to say “see – I told you so! Being positive doesn’t impact...


The impact of MS on an individual’s financial future can be catastrophic. There’s a very strong association between MS and loss of employment – and life often includes additional expenses, particularly for those who may find it hardest to continue to work. Just imagine trying to modify your home...

Bruegel's Icarus

There’s an often remarked truth that “life goes on”. Typically uttered by way of an inept attempt to cheer you up when things are not going well, it’s a truth that I think bears closer inspection.  It has been beautifully explored by WH Auden, in his poem “Musee des Beax Arts”.  I read this...