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Unlike most diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis 24 hours was all it took to receive my diagnosis and, what's more, it was me that asked to be tested specifically for MS

It was November 1997 when I went off to see a neurologist. I had been booked in to see the specialist following a car...

To Chose

They say that, illness, being a parent, and living in a rural/regional setting can all isolate you from the world. I just happen to tick all three of those boxes. There have been times especially in the past five years since my twins arrived, that I have felt the immense pressure of isolation....

Photo of the insides of a wardrobe

As a 30-year old male, I only ever thought I’d have to ‘come out’ the one time. After my teen years were dominated by feelings of fear and worry at the reactions and judgments I may receive by being honest with my sexuality, I came out in my early twenties, with much more acceptance than I had...