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Peer Support

When my Dr and I discussed the possibility that I may have Multiple Sclerosis, I went home and started searching for answers. My search led me to a website for people with MS, created and managed by someone with MS themselves. This website provided me the...

hiding under the covers

This post has been a work in progress for a number of weeks now, as I wanted to give this topic the respect and honesty that it deserved. It has been challenging, and with that I hope you can leave any preconceived ideas and judgements on the shelf and take this post for what it is intended....

R U Ok

R U Ok day is a national campaign in Australia bringing awareness to suicide prevention. R U Ok encourages people to check in and ask the question, start a conversation. A conversation which just might change someone’s mind about taking their lives.

People with a chronic illness...

Magnolia blossom

I’m lucky to have a small garden where I live.  For years I mainly filled it with easy to grow flowering things like daisies, geraniums and lavender  - the sort of plants you can admire in someone else’s garden and then take a cutting and get them started in your own.  As I got a bit more...

View through ancient stones

As promised, here’s the story there wasn’t room for in my last post.  Some reading for your weekend enjoyment!


Six degrees of separation

They say that everyone on the planet is...


The months leading up to the diagnosis of MS are difficult for most of us.  But when a physician’s body fails them, there's an additional, subtle layer of angst to deal with.  Doctors don't get sick.  And when we do, it is uncomfortable for everyone involved.  To witness another doctor proving...