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Jaqueline du Pres

I never knew anyone with MS growing up. I took part in Readathon in primary school, but I don’t remember ever having a person with MS come and speak with us about what it was we were trying to raise money for.  Perhaps they didn’t have people do this in the ‘70s?  In any case, for me it was just...

Sign post

I’m pretty sure there is a hard drive at a small medical centre in the western suburbs of Brisbane that is nearly full to capacity with my medical history from 2014. You might think this is because I was quite ill, but in actual fact, it was more due to the fact I was Clearly Not Fine...

View through ancient stones

As promised, here’s the story there wasn’t room for in my last post.  Some reading for your weekend enjoyment!


Six degrees of separation

They say that everyone on the planet is...

Lowering the bar

A few weeks ago, I put up a post on Letting Go and the lessons learned from my three-year old. My seven year old, never one to shy away from the spotlight, was quick to point out Joshie doesn’t have all the answers. (I...