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Laughing man in river

Have you noticed how much it helps to smile when you’re trying to do something really tough?  It’s not something I ever really tried to harvest before MS became part of my life.  Let’s be honest – I was almost a decade into living with MS before I finally learned to take advantage of this...

Magnolia blossom

I’m lucky to have a small garden where I live.  For years I mainly filled it with easy to grow flowering things like daisies, geraniums and lavender  - the sort of plants you can admire in someone else’s garden and then take a cutting and get them started in your own.  As I got a bit more...


In my last blog I talked about the ‘What ifs’ and it was great to hear positive feedback both here on the Uninterrupted blog, and on twitter as well. I mentioned that I might talk about the things that I do for myself that are in my control...

Screaming monster face

What’s the thing you’re most scared MS will do to you?

Children ask the most amazing questions!  That one came from a boy of about six who was sitting up the back when I went to the local primary school to tell the children about the MS Readathon.  I had just finished explaining...

I think I can

Have you ever taken a casual comment to heart?  Perhaps you’ve left a once favourite item of clothing hanging in the closet after someone suggested it didn’t flatter you? Maybe you’ve achieved something amazing, spurred on by someone else’s confident “you can do it”?  Words are powerful...