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Kindness card

I love Christmas.  For me it is a wonderful season of remembering a first century teenage girl who was unmarried and pregnant, and the young man who stuck by her as she gave birth in a stranger’s stable. We try to reduce the stress that can be associated with Christmas in my family by keeping...

Door with door knocker

My grandmother had a saying “knock on any door and you’ll hear a story”. She knew how to put the kettle on quickly and she always had a tin of some nice, home-baked treat to enjoy with the tea and conversation.

Battling public transport is not a bad time to practice “door...


In my last blog I briefly talked about the 'what ifs' that can sometimes consume our thoughts and worries. After my initial diagnosis, the 'what ifs' did dominate my every thought and it did take me about a year to find ways to manage...