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Woman watching sunrise in sunflower field

Today is a good day.


Today I'm turning off the television and putting on music.

First I'm going to tidy up the mess on the floor, and conquer the vacuum cleaner. It doesn't expect me. It roars to life, but I have no fear. Right now I'm in control.




Firstly, I can hardly believe it’s been a year since my last blog. At the risk of making excuses for my lack of posts, it has been a busy year with full-time studies and work, along with selling and moving house, and the rest that life throws at us all! It’s been a good year...


As responsible parents in the 21st century, we never swear in front of our kids. (Ok I just lied. We try as hard as possible to minimise their exposure.) Thankfully, while they do happily parrot back some sayings that make me cringe, we appear to have succeeded in keeping them sheltered from...


This time last year I was still reeling from the new diagnosis. New Year’s Day came and went without a second thought to resolutions, either lofty or less ambitious. However after the proverbial dust settled, over the course of 2015, I turned my attention inwards and spent some time...


What do you do when you see a study purporting to show that a particular activity or lifestyle choice is associated with improved outcomes for people with MS?  Are you the first to give it a go?  Or have you perhaps become a bit jaded after reading too many (sometimes contradictory) suggestions...


In my last blog I talked about the ‘What ifs’ and it was great to hear positive feedback both here on the Uninterrupted blog, and on twitter as well. I mentioned that I might talk about the things that I do for myself that are in my control...

Exhausted worker

In any blog about living with “invisible” MS, it’s inevitable that fatigue has to come up.  Like most aspects of MS, I suspect this one is different for each of us, but the unifying thing about fatigue is that most people with MS...

Living with MS: Five moments I knew I am sick

Living with MS is not pleasant. But one gets used to it. It becomes a little mundane, and quite frankly, I’m bored with it.

But a few moments have cut through the boredom and stunned me. Some I found funny, others not so much. Surprisingly, all have occurred when I have been relatively...