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MS education

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It’s occurred to me, on more than one occasion that the majority the general population don’t really know much about MS or the theories about what causes it. And why would they – I certainly didn’t know myelin from your-lin in my pre-MS days. So, in order to remedy this situation, I have put...

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I’m pretty sure there is a hard drive at a small medical centre in the western suburbs of Brisbane that is nearly full to capacity with my medical history from 2014. You might think this is because I was quite ill, but in actual fact, it was more due to the fact I was Clearly Not Fine...


I hope you’re all well and living in the ‘now’ while exercising, meditating, brain-training, and eating in moderation, after my last post! Thanks so much for those who took the time to read, share, and comment on the last blog. This is my longest blog yet (and...


In my last post, I outlined five take-home messages to doctors that draw to your attention how to (and how not to) treat a patient when there is considerable uncertainty surrounding the diagnosis. In this second instalment of my...

Dealing with Uncertainty

What I’d like to discuss in this post are a few things I wish all doctors out there were aware of. Not so much along the lines of scientific facts, but more in terms of how it feels to face a nebulous diagnosis like MS, or pre-MS (by this I mean the state generally referred to as being...

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What’s the thing you’re most scared MS will do to you?

Children ask the most amazing questions!  That one came from a boy of about six who was sitting up the back when I went to the local primary school to tell the children about the MS Readathon.  I had just finished explaining...