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Woman watching sunrise in sunflower field

Today is a good day.


Today I'm turning off the television and putting on music.

First I'm going to tidy up the mess on the floor, and conquer the vacuum cleaner. It doesn't expect me. It roars to life, but I have no fear. Right now I'm in control.



To Chose

They say that, illness, being a parent, and living in a rural/regional setting can all isolate you from the world. I just happen to tick all three of those boxes. There have been times especially in the past five years since my twins arrived, that I have felt the immense pressure of isolation....


Christmas can be a crazy time of year, even for those who don't live with a illness like Multiple Sclerosis. After many attempts to write this blog post, I leave you with this.

MS Christmas Carol

This the season to be joyful,

Fa la la la la, la...

Laughing man in river

Have you noticed how much it helps to smile when you’re trying to do something really tough?  It’s not something I ever really tried to harvest before MS became part of my life.  Let’s be honest – I was almost a decade into living with MS before I finally learned to take advantage of this...

The Unhelpful Sidekick

‘I have MS, MS doesn’t have me!’ This rings true for those of us who can wade through the grief of being diagnosed with an incurable disease and thrown into the unknown and come out of it still believing that life is good. 

I was not born with MS, it has come to me later in life. Well you...


Pondering my MS as I do.  I am surprised to find people see traits in me, that I don't.  Amazing, courageous and strong. "Who", "what?" " Are you talking about me?".

I'm not these things. The most amazing, courageous and strong people for me, are the many I have known and encountered on...