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Lemtrada: One patient’s personal account of how important getting your monthly blood tests are

In August 2014, I started treatment with alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) for MS.  While effectiveness of MS  treatments varies from patient to patient, following 2 infusions with...

Vitamin D

Previously I have posted on nutrition and MS disease management. Researching that was, quite frankly, fairly fruitless in terms of yielding conclusive results. (On the plus side, it means I feel absolutely no remorse about my “...


This time last year I was still reeling from the new diagnosis. New Year’s Day came and went without a second thought to resolutions, either lofty or less ambitious. However after the proverbial dust settled, over the course of 2015, I turned my attention inwards and spent some time...

Gut reaction

If you read my last post on food, you may well either have adopted a diet that is less varied than that of a Buddhist monk, or be cowering in fear that you are on the road to nutrition perdition. In any case, rest assured, this...


Last week I had my MRI followed by an appointment with my Neurologist. I was given excellent news, actually the best news that someone with a degenerative disease can be given. Clinically my Multiple Sclerosis is stable and has been for the past three years. This also means that my Neurologist...


In my last post, I outlined five take-home messages to doctors that draw to your attention how to (and how not to) treat a patient when there is considerable uncertainty surrounding the diagnosis. In this second instalment of my...