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Girl Alone
I am the elephant in the room.
Not because you don't love me. Because you love me so much, you don't want it to be real. And maybe if we ignore it, if we don't mention it, if we sweep it under the rug, it doesn't exist.
Maybe if we act normal,...
Sleepy Koala
I've been thinking for days on how to answer this question. What IS my worst symptom? And I tried to remember all of my symptoms and tried to categorise them from least-awful to plain-awful, and found myself really struggling. What's the worst one? 
Is it having cuts on...

I thought I'd try something a little bit different for my latest blog, and post a Q&A session with an Australian musician, Marie Wilson, who is collaborating with the MS Community to create a 'Song4MS', and raise funds for MS Research Australia...


For someone who goes to sleep each night and wakes up feeling refreshed I can understand how it could seem inconceivable when they hear about someone who is always tired, no not just tired fatigued. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis, and it is also one of the most...

Phone booth

I previously posted about my first MS episode, when a neurologist (not my current one!) suggested I was legal to drive, even though I couldn’t tell whether a car was moving or not when I looked right at it.  A lot of crazy things get said...

Steep stairs with wheelchair rails

I never had a broken bone as a child, but I wanted one.  The kids who had an arm in a cast for weeks on end got all sorts of benefits – from extra attention as everyone wrote on their plaster, to being allowed to go first in line, to not having to take part in physical education.  It never...