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Revealing My Multiple Sclerosis At Work

Are struggling with the notion of whether you should tell people at work about your MS?

Are you wondering if you should tell your boss?

Do you know if you are even obliged to disclose your condition?

Or would you rather keep this information private and...

Juggling Juveniles and Jobs

Late last year, I posted about so-called occupational hazards, issues that crop up for many MS diagnosees who undertake paid (or unpaid) employment. Thank you to all who responded: it has been very illuminating to read...

Occupational Hazards

As a wife, a mother and an employee, I wear many hats. For the most part, I love the multi-faceted nature of my life and very much enjoy my job(s). I work nearly full-time now at the local university, I have a wonderful husband and three charming and challenging children and I’m totally digging...